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West House Dental Practice 004You can make an appointment by telephone or you can call in to make an appointment. Please phone 01773 822126/822034.


If you need to be seen urgently, telephone the surgery for advice. If treatment is essential, we will do our best to arrange it within 24 hours.For emergencies out of hours please phone the number below;
01332 564911.

The emergency out of hours dental service is located in Alvaston, Derby.

Suggested pain relief for healthy adults *

Ibuprofen: Take 200 – 400mg every 4 hours
Ibuprofen maximum dose is 3200mg in any 24 hours

Paracetamol: Take 2x500mg every 4–6 hours
Paracetamol maximum dose is 4000mg in any 24 hours

In cases of severe pain it is safe to alternatively take the maximum dose. They should be taken with plenty of water. If you are unable to take Ibuprofen we recommend Paracetamol on its own. Codeine doesn’t provide very good pain relief for dental pain.

*As with all tablets please follow the instructions carefully and do not exceed the stated dose.